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Contractor Service

When you started your contracting company you most likely had no plan for contractor service. Service is one of the most important factors for a contractor.

Service is the backbone of your business if you plan to succeed and grow to any size. As you start your contractor marketing and begin to tell your clients about your products and services, one of the main highlights should be your service department. Your clients need to hear how you will offer support and service after the sale. This is also how you will gain more referrals in which will help grow your contracting business.

My father always had a saying, if you always service and take care of your customer you will always have a successful business. He was in business over 30 years by taking care of his customers. Contractor service is not what it used to be because your clients expect more and more today. They have higher expectations and want you to have higher standards. I believe you not only kill them with kindness but you must over deliver in everything you do. Take the high road always no matter what it cost. It will deliver returns ten-fold to your contracting business.

Remember as the owner you set the tone for your service department and your message should always be the client comes first. Yes, there are times when you have a client from hell. But it’s how you deal with this client that will set you apart from a competitor.If you handle it right and do the right thing you can make your client happy and get referrals. It’s too easy to throw your hands up and give up on an unruly client but if you step in and take control of the situation, you can almost always satisfy your client. As you grow and years pass your contractor service department will provide you with additional income. There is always someone that needs service.

I hope I have shed some light and the importance of contractor service for you.