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Rabbit Hutches for the cold weather

Rabbit hutches are cage-like housing that are used to shelter rabbits. Rabbit hutches and their design are particularly important because while rabbits are fine in both indoors and outdoors, they are not fit to handle extreme weather conditions.

Rabbit hutches become especially important during the cold weather. Rabbits are safer indoors during this time, but many rabbits are left in outdoor hutches for one reason or another. This is not necessarily bad, because as long as the rabbit hutch is equipped to provide the rabbit shelter and warmth, there’s nothing to worry about.

Rabbits are fine with cold weather as long as they are sheltered from the wind and they are kept dry. If the rabbit is really sensitive to the cold, there are still more things that an owner can provide for them in their hutches.

Cold-weather hutches are don’t need to be equipped with any electrical devices to become good shelter for the rabbit, though a light bulb with low wattage set in a corner of the hutch would help greatly.

  1. There should be hay for the rabbits to eat and burrow into. Eating the hay will give the rabbits more calories to burn, and burning calories produce more body heat. The hay also works as a nest that they can use to keep their own body heat from dispersing into the air.
  2. The hutch should also have fresh water. Don’t put hot water in the hutch because hot water turns into ice faster than room temperature water. If the rabbit is brought indoors, it should be kept in the coolest room in the house because the drastic change in temperature can kill the rabbit.
  3. If possible, the hutch should be covered with a cloth, with only a small corner left for ventilation. Being exposed to drafts is a leading cause of deaths for rabbits, as well as direct sunlight for long durations and staying wet enough for the water to reach the rabbit’s undercoat.


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