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What are Gabled Rabbit Hutches

A gable refers to the triangular shape on of the wall that is produced by the slopes of a roof. If you look at some houses that you pass by, you will notice that some designs of the houses have it that there are triangular extension from the wall perpendicular to the roof that is also roofed itself.

There are many kinds of gables, from the small unobtrusive ones to the large gables that also work as an attic or a whole room. Naturally, the gables that apply to human sized houses also apply to smaller structures.

Gables are used in houses and other structures mostly for aesthetic purposes.

They are not only used in houses however, but in other smaller structures, like pens, bird houses, and rabbit hutches. Anything resembling a house can have a gable – with rabbit hutches, for instance, gables are common decorations with them because gables add design to the hutch.

Gabled rabbit hutches may be custom made or bought from stores.

Sometimes, if these gables are big enough, they can become additional space or the attic space for the rabbits. With many rabbit hutches, the gable can become a part of the second floor, which is connected to the first floor of the hutch with a ramp.

Gabled rabbit hutches are usually for outdoor use, since indoor rabbit hutches do not really need shingled roofs and the like. The gables may act as additional wind buffers for the hutch and the rabbit inside, which is useful because drafts are lethal to rabbits and are actually one of the leading causes of rabbit death.

Gables on rabbit hutches make the whole thing more appealing to look at, and some may even match the design of the house itself. They also make the rabbit hutch look like a part of the house, and not a particularly large cage sitting around outside the house.


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